This week-end, the final of the Luxembourg Curling Team Championship took place at the Kockelscheuer Arena; the competition was expected to be a close affair, as the winners of last year, Karen Wauters, Aljaz Pengov, Marc Husi and Alex Benoy this yearplayed in 2 different teams.

Team WAUTERS (with Karen Wauters, Donald and Aude Villeneuve and Aljaz Pengov) began with fantastic stones on Saturday afternoon to take the lead with 2-0 (10-3 + 6-5).

On Sunday morning, the game was very tight, but luckily Team BENOY (with Alex Benoy, Claude Schweitzer, Marc Husi and Susi Benoy) avoided the final defeat and won with the last stone (8-5).
In the fourth game on Sunday afternoon, Team Benoy made it better and won 7-3.

A fifth and deciding game had to be played on Sunday late afternoon in which, both teams played an incredible battle. After five ends, Team Wauters had the lead by 7-2 , but could not avoid the final rush of Team Benoy (2 ends with 3 points).

After some 10 hours of competition, Team Benoy won the Luxembourg Curling Team Championship 2017/18 with 8-7 in the 5th game.

The prize-giving and friendship drink on the Curling VIP Balcony concluded the week-end in a nice atmosphere.​