Between 8 and 11 December 2016, the choreographer Abou Lagraa will give a series of workshops to young people in Luxembourg.

Choreographer Abou Lagraa is offering dance workshops to young Luxembourgers with personal problems and young asylum seekers as part of the programme ‘Dream Up’ of which Lagraa is ambassador.

‘Dream Up’ is an international solidarity program by Fondation BNP Paribas and its workshops take part of the Wideside project created by stage director Milla Trausch. The dance workshops combine art with a social dimension, putting the refugee question in Europe centre-stage and giving a voice to those concerned.

Throughout the four days, Abou Lagraa and Milla Trausch will focus on the collective and the individual in order to emphasise the value of individuals and their personalities, reveal their talents and tell their stories. Their aim is to develop aspects of the young participants which they didn’t even know they had and to allow them to share their experiences with each other.

The stage decoration involves two carefully chosen accessories: chairs and the cello. According to the choreographer, the first represents psychological support and stability, for instance for the refugees to lean on. The second represents the “universal vibration of the string relating individuals to one another and to the universe. It allows them to abolish any social, political, ethnic or cultural barrier so that everyone is on a common level”.

The dance workshops will take place in Les Rotondes, Luxembourg’s socio-cultural centre.