Cactus has presented a cheque for €14,740 to natur & ëmwelt; the amount was raised thanks to the sale of Cactus “Bio Naturbrout”.

Thanks to the sale of the "Bio Naturbrout" bread, a cheque for €14,740 has been awarded to natur&ëmwelt Fondation Hëllef fir d’Natur (HfN). For each bread sold, Cactus donated ten cents to the foundation to support an environmental protection project.

The money collected in 2017 goes towards saving the endangered green tree frog, allowing for instance the acquisition and management of nature reserves with many ponds to accommodate the green tree frogs and ensure their long-term survival.

Since the launch of the "Naturbrout" project in 2010, the sum of €120,562 has already been collected and donated to natur & ëmwelt, thus enabling the realisation of projects for the safeguarding of biodiversity and animal species on the way to extinction. The first two years of the collaboration were aimed at protecting the living space of the otter. While the next two years allowed the acquisition of high-quality biological land, favourable to orchids. In 2014, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Cactus Bio, the brand decided to continue its commitment with the sale of the now organic bread, the "Bio Naturbrout", supporting the protection of reedbeds.