Bâloise Group Luxembourg has announced an increased turnover of 21.9%, from €1,052 million in 2016 to €1,282 million in 2017 in life insurance and from €107 million to €110 million in non-life insurance.

With sales up 21.9% in life and 3.3% in non-life insurance, Bâloise has made significant progress and will continue to evolve on its path of prevention and security in all areas. The total revenue amounted to €1,282 million compared with €1,052 million in 2016.

The bulk of this increase was achieved by the receipt of financial products linked to funds sold under Free Service Provision, which records an increase of 23% from €973.7 million in 2016 to €1,198 million in 2017.

In terms of traditional products sold to individual customers, Bâloise recorded a turnover of €37 million, an increase of 2.5% compared to 2016.

In non-life insurance, Bâloise achieved a solvency margin of 255.8% in 2017 compared with 239.7% in 2016, an increase of 6.7%. In life insurance, the solvency margin was 155.3% in 2017 against 155.8% in 2016 and remains almost at the same level.

Bâloise will continue to invest in the development of its range of products and services, as well as in the evolution of its employees. Digitalisation and other technological breakthroughs are strong drivers for constantly meeting its ambition to put customers at the centre of its concerns, completely in line with the goals of its Simply Safe strategic focus.