The UK Government has announced its plans today to establish its proposals regarding the continued safe and regulated sharing of personal data between the UK and the EU following Brexit.

The UK has set out what it considers to be "mutually beneficial proposals" for the UK and the EU ensuring the continued sharing of personal data between the two parties in the future in a safe and efficiently regulated manner.

In the latest of a series of papers looking at the UK’s future partnership with the EU after Brexit, the UK Government has considered the case for a model for exchanging and protecting personal data which it believes would be in the interests of consumers, businesses and public authorities in both the UK and EU.

The document outlines how the UK is considering a model for the protection and exchange of personal data with the EU that reflects the unprecedented alignment between British and European law and recognises the high data protection standards that will be in place at the point of exit. The Data Protection Bill, which is due to be laid before Parliament this coming autumn, will implement the European Union’s new data protection rules.

According to the British government, a strong data relationship will support the UK and EU’s shared ambitions for economic prosperity, security cooperation and high global data protection standards.