Luxembourg for Tourism (LFT), the national tourism development and promotion agency of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, has announced the departure of its Director General, Anne Hoffmann, who has decided to embark on a new career path.

Heading the National Tourist Office (ONT) since 2012, Anne Hoffmann has introduced a strategic marketing approach for the promotion of the touristic destination. Under the supervision of the Ministry of the Economy, she accompanied the transformation of the ONT launched in late 2015 into an economic interest group.

The Board of Directors of LFT has expressed its appreciation to Anne Hoffmann for her commitment, marketing skills and impetus on the digital transformation front, which has contributed to the positive development of the national tourism sector in recent years.

Pending the appointment of a new director, the interim management of LFT is being provided by Dr Sebastian Reddeker, who until now has held the position of "Content and Innovation Manager" within Luxembourg for Tourism.