Hjoerdis Stahl and Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin; Credit: POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg has welcomed Hjoerdis Stahl and Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin to its management team.

Following the departure of Jos Glod after 34 years of working in the company, POST Luxembourg has announced changes to its management. Hjoerdis Stahl has thus been appointed Deputy Managing Director, whilst Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin joins the Executive Committee.

Newly appointed Deputy Managing Director of POST Luxembourg, Hjoerdis Stahl has been responsible for POST Courier since 2013 and a member of the Executive Committee since 2016. Meanwhile, Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin, who has now joined the Executive Committee, has been director of POST Finance since 2016.

The law establishing the Post and Telecommunications Enterprise provides for the day-to-day management of POST to be provided by a Managing Director, assisted by two Deputy Managing Directors and several Directors.

As a result, the Executive Committee now consists of Managing Director Claude Strasser, Deputy Managing Directors Pierre Zimmer (Chief Strategy Officer) and Hjoerdis Stahl (POST Courier), as well as business managers Gaston Bohnenberger (POST Technology) and Cliff Konsbruck (POST Telecom) and Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin (POST Finance).