L-R: Frank Molitor, President of the Chamber of Notaries; Félix Braz, Minister of Justice; Jeannine Dennewald, Counselor; Credit: MJUST

Luxembourg Minister of Justice Félix Braz yesterday presented the notarial reform bill together with the President of the Chamber of Notaries Frank Molitor.

This draft law, presented on 16 May 2018, entails the fundamental reform of the notary profession in order to adapt it to the new realities at the level of the European Union and modernise the profession as a whole.

The appointment mechanism to the notary function has neem adapted with new criteria for the appointment of notary and modalities for the access of European Union nationals to the notarial function.

Félix Braz explained that in view of the constant increase in the volume of files and their complexity and the number of new laws and regulations, better specialisation and greater diversification in the notary function have become indispensable to guarantee, in the interest of citizens and legal certainty, the functions of authentication of acts.

The bill thus provides for the possibility for notaries to work not only on their own but also as two notaries (in collaboration or in association) or with one or more candidate-notaries employed per study.

Finally, the role and missions of the Chamber of Notaries have been clarified with the introduction of a new body: the Council of the Chamber of Notaries.