Nation Branding Video still: Let's Make it Happen; Credit: ZEILT productions

On Tuesday 6 February 2018, the National Audiovisual Centre (CNA) in Dudelange was the venue for the official launch of the video "Let's Make it Happen" within Luxembourg's Nation Branding initiative.

Luxembourg's Secretary of State for the Economy, Francine Closener, presented the short film which was commissioned to promote Luxembourg within the Nation Branding initiative which had launched a call for projects in February 2017.

Laurent Witz, of Zeilt Productions in Luxembourg, winner of an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film with the film Mr Hublot, directed "Let's Make it Happen". Mixing animation and real landscapes, the short film shows through the eyes of a little girl a paper bird that travels further and further, enriched at each stage of his journey by the vision of another character, to take off far beyond his initial capabilities.

At the launch, Secretary of State Closener said: "The script of the short film carries a strong and engaging message that perfectly conveys the promise embodied in the country: further together. Intended mainly to be broadcast internationally, the short film will help to present Luxembourg to a public that does not necessarily know it and will further strengthen the reputation of Luxembourg's audiovisual production recognised for its creativity and the quality of its animation film sector".

"The level of detail of the characters, on the sets, on the intensity of the atmosphere represented a real technological and artistic challenge because of the mix of techniques. We build each of our projects as a new challenge. This film is a first for us," explained Laurent Witz. "The project was built in the same way as the story told in the film and is itself a perfect illustration. Meetings, collaborations, synergies have led it ever further."

The short film comes in two versions, one 2 minutes long and the other of 30 seconds. In addition to the promotion through the "Inspiring Luxembourg" YouTube channel and the "Let's make it happen" Facebook page, the film will be broadcast in the coming weeks in cinemas across Luxembourg as well as the Greater Region, and also on Luxembourg television. Subsequently, the short film will be broadcast internationally on the websites of major media, including Germany, Belgium, France and Japan to accompany state visits and economic missions or other events in Luxembourg and foreign visits to the Grand Duchy.

Downloadable online, the short film is available in Luxembourgish, French, German and English. Everyone is invited to freely use the film to present Luxembourg.​