As of next Monday, some changes will be made to bus lines in Luxembourg City due to the opening of the Lycée Vauban.

The following changes are planned for buses in the capital from 19 February 2018:

· Line 21: the southern part of line 21 will be adapted to ensure optimal service to students of Lycée Vauban. Buses will serve the new stop "Francophonie" (boulevard Kockelscheuer) every 15 minutes before continuing towards the Cloche d'Or until the current terminus "Guillaume Kroll". Line 21 will no longer serve the P+R Lux-Sud stop.

· Line 22: the route of line 22 will be extended beyond the Gare and will henceforth serve, in addition to the new stop "Francophonie" (every 10 minutes), the stop "Gerhard Mercator" on boulevard Raiffeisen before continuing to the new terminus at the stop "Howald, P+R Lux-Sud". Travellers to/from P+R Lux-Sud will now have to use line 22 instead of line 21.

· Line 32: a new provisional line, line 32, will provide a connection between P+R Lux-Sud and Cloche d'Or at peak times. This line will be operational until the commissioning of a new stop which will be located at boulevard Raiffeisen, planned for summer 2018.

These adjustments will result in schedule changes for lines 21 and 22, as well as lines 24 and 28, in order to maintain a uniform frequency on the parallel sections of the lines in question. New schedules are available at