Swedish beer Poppels will be making its debut in Luxembourg next week at the Crossfire – The Nordic Bar.

Poppels Bryggeri opened its doors in Sweden in 2012 and now, True Brew Trade is organising its official launch in Luxembourg. Beer fans have been invited to taste four of the Swedish brand’s beers and meet Petter Gunnarson, Poppels sales/export director, at the Crossfire – The Nordic Bar on Thursday 8 February.

Although the brand launched six years ago, the name itself goes back much further. Johan Caspar Poppelman founded Poppelsmans Brewery in Gothenburg 1649, as the kept tax records in the city archives from the year 1649 show. At the time of the big fire in Gothenburg in 1721, Poppelsmans Brewery moved to Stigbergstorget, near the port of Gothenburg, where it sold the beer to the Swedish East India Trading Company in the 1700's. The brewery stayed in the family for seven generations and was not shut down until 1835.

In 2012, fifteen friends who happened to be beer enthusiasts decided to re-launch the Poppelsmans Brewery. Amongst them, one is related to the initial founder Johan Caspar Poppelman, but they all share one common vision: to spread their love for high quality beer. One year later, they released their second type of beer, the American Pale Ale, aka APA and more beers have followed since.

Today, Poppels brews a wide range of standard, seasonal and limited series beers, has won multiple awards and exports to more than 18 countries.

Next Thursday, Petter Gunnarson will be available to answer questions and drink an APA, DIPA, RIS or Vintervärmare with those present at the Crossfire – The Nordic Bar (15, rue Dicks L-1417 Luxembourg).