On Wednesday 7 February 2018, the management of LuxairGroup met with the staff delegation and union representatives to review the state of social dialogue within the company and discuss specific issues, including career progression, absenteeism, the application of the Work Organisation Plan and the precariousness of employment.

LuxairGroup has reported that the dialogue between the social partners was constructive and the parties were able to find common ground to respect the prerogatives of the joint committee and the staff delegation and to meet the production targets.

An agreement was reached on the absentee prevention and management project that will be set up within LuxairGroup. After a first phase dedicated to data collection, the social partners will consult to develop and implement the action plan.

With regard to the control of the work organisation plan for aircrew, the management has undertaken to grant access to the planning system to the staff delegation when the protection of private data is guaranteed. The social partners also agreed on the need to review the methodology and tools of the job classification project for employees, after noting the stalemate in which the project is currently situated.

The parties undertake to respect the purpose of the Charter signed in 2008 concerning career progression according to the new job descriptions. Finally, the group's management is committed to applying concrete measures to reduce job insecurity within LuxairGroup, and in particular within the LuxairCARGO Business Unit. Seasonal contracts are not applicable to the Cargo Handling business, and for other activities LuxairGroup will continue to limit the application of seasonal contracts to only those items subject to a seasonal effect.

The Joint Committee's salary group and the three trade unions maintain their referrals to the National Conciliation Office, meanwhile, the social partners continue their discussions to finalise the points still open.​