Photojournalist David Jones to Address Irish Chamber on Plastics, Our Oceans, Our Planet

The Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC) is holding an evening seminar on the topic of "Plastics, Our Oceans, Our Planet" on Thursday 24 May 2018 from 1830 at the Hotel Parc Belair (111 Avenue du X Septembre, L-2551 Luxembourg-Belair).

Ireland as an island nation, has long ties to the sea, both in our lives and in our culture. The current Brexit negotiations has placed fishing rights and over-fishing centre-stage for Ireland and the UK. Luxembourg is now operating a ship registry with over 200 vessels on the list. The impact of global warming is evident in the rising temperature of our seas. Currently the hot topic is plastics in our oceans, with TV channels, industry and various NGOs campaigning on this issue. The seas concern us all.

Guest speaker David Jones, who has worked alongside TV personalities such as Sir David Attenborough, Bear Grylls and Ben Fogle in alerting us to both the wonder of and the threats to our seas, will address the ILCC on "Plastics, Our Oceans, Our Planet" at this event.

Diving is second nature to David Jones and after many years he has gained a huge amount of experience and knowledge. As a photojournalist, he is in popular demand and his articles have been published in most of the UK’s diving magazines and further afield. He has worked for a number of production companies including the BBC. His biggest filming project to date has been the 7-year production of the feature length and multiple award winning documentary "A Plastic Ocean" on which he had a multitude of roles including diving supervisor, cameraman, stills photographer and executive adviser.

David will be presenting the issue of plastics in our oceans, how did we get to this point and what is the practical way forward. He will present with visually stunning images and video, drawn from his work as a photographer and film-maker.

David will be presenting a pragmatic view of what needs to be done recognising that changing the habits of a lifetime is not easy whether one lives in Luxembourg or in a poor coastal village in Indonesia.

1830 Registration
1900 Welcome by Joe Huggard, ILCC President
1905 Presentation by David Jones
2000 Questions & Answers
2030 Networking Cocktail

Venue: Hotel Parc Belair (111 Avenue du X Septembre, L-2551 Luxembourg-Belair)

Organiser: Ireland-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (ILCC)

Price: Cost: non-members €20 (free for members).

Reservations: Prior registration necessary by email: A no-show policy will be enforced.