This Sunday 24 June 2018, the Hindu Forum Luxembourg (HFL) will host its Ianugural Pooja at its newly rented premises in Beggen. 

The Pooja, organised by the HFL's 21 Founder Trustees, will be conducted by Purohits Pandits Shri Somaskanda GURUKKAL from the Netherlands and Shri Sukithasan from Germany.

The programme is as follows

0900-1115  Pradhishta of Vinayaga Vigraham and Pathuka, gifted to HFL by HH Shri Saraswathi Vijayendra Swamigal of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, India; Homams (Havan) for GANAPTHI, NAVAGRAHA, LAKSHMI and DHANVANTHRI 

1115-1130  Deep Aarti

1130-1300  Prashad Distribution; Open house

1300-1430  Orientation and presentation of the following regular week end VEDHANTA sessions for different age group including children 1) Classical and Bajan songs - Teachers Smt Sandhya and Shri Sriram; 2) Yoga - Teacher Shri Damotharan; 3) Sishu and Bala Vihar - Representative from CHINMAYA MISSION London

1430-1445  Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Representative from Brussels

1445-1500  Open House 

1500-1800  Chanting of Gayathri Mantras 108 times; Satyanarayana Katha; Hanuman Chaalisa; Bajan and Kirthan; Open house

1800 Deep Aarti 

The whole programme is an open house event, so particpants can choose when to join based on preferences.

The event is the stepping stone towards building a Siv Vishnu Temple in Luxembourg with a rough budget of €2.5 Million. The target time is three years from now with funding coming from global sources.

HFL largely depends on a Membership Subscription of €5/month per adult.

Venue: HFL Centre, 219 Rue De Beggen, L-1221, Luxembourg

Organiser: Hindu Forum Luxembourg

Price: n/a

Reservations: n/a